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Welcome to MetricSports…the Bleeding Edge of Predictive Sports Modeling

What happens when you combine the latest sports modeling program that has produced winning results of up to 60% in each of the last three NFL seasons, predicted NBA player matchup results that won over 62% of the time in head-to-head daily fantasy matchups and combine it with a proven track record of successful “traditional” handicapping that incorporates situation, travel, and other applicable variables?  You have the future of sports handicapping.

What to Expect:

Before the football season starts, members will be able to access previews of a variety of conferences that we focus on, primarily the MAC in college football and the Missouri Valley/MAC in college basketball.

Early every week during football season, plays will be sent out when the first lines hit the internet.  As these lines move throughout the week, we will give guidance as to how to manage the play.

In October, we will preview certain conferences and teams that we will focus on, in the same format as football.  Basketball plays will be distributed regularly throughout the season and once the NBA starts should involve 10-15 plays/week between college and the NBA.

In the spring, we will update the MLB model created this year and have daily MLB plays sent to the members.

We’re Not An Island

We recognize that there are a lot of talented people out there who either haven’t found something they want to be a part of or haven’t been able to find a good launching pad for their unique sports analysis.  We regularly share members’ content who are attempting to establish an audience in an area that is not our foucs (horse racing, NASCAR betting, etc)

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.  Members of MetricSports will have the opportunity to submit samples of their work to us for consideration on the site.  If your work fits our ideology, we’ll post it on our site and compensate you. For more details on this, feel free to contact us at

Welcome to Metric Sports…the Bleeding Edge of Predictive Sports Modeling.